We conceptualise design and manufacture,prodvide high-end SMT solutions and complementary products, To help our customer save more cost in production and Realize industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing

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        ascen has been a professional company devotingin industrial programing,design,recsearch & development, manufacture & merketing,complete set of automation machinery and professional SMT Peripheral equipment since 2008. The main product are:SMT pick and place machine,SMT automatic labeling machine,Loader/Unloader machine,PCB Buffer Stocker,PCB Inverter SMT machine,Pneumatic PCB Punch Separator,Automatic ShuttleConveyor,conveyor   Read More

  • How to choose the PCB magazine loader and unloader to save your cost

  •     1.PCB Dual Track Unloader 2.Collect PCBs into two magazines from dual track equipment at the same time. 3.Used at the back-end of dual track SMT line. 4.To collect the processed PCBs sepately. 5.Auto PCB Dual Track Unloader

        PCB NG/OK Unloader (Magazine Unloader): The OK and NG PCB after being tested by AOI can be separated and sent to the PCB racks.

  •     1,AGV car,Guided transfer robot,load efficient 2,Fork Double-drive Rich AGV car high-tech automatic Guided transfer robot magnetic navigation system high loading capacity load efficient

        1.Smt Loader For Pcbs,pcb sucking loader,Smt Loader For Pcbs 2.smt sucking Loader/led sucking loader,Pcb Handling Loader 3.This machine applies to automatic loading for bare PCBs in product line.

  • How to choose the PCB magazine loader and unloader to save your cost

  •     1.1.2m Led Aluminum Pcb Separation Machine 2.T8 tube led separator v-cut PCB depanelizer . 3.1200m LED T8 Light PCB Seperator 4.2.4M aluminum led cutting machine aluminum plate cutter LED strip PCB

        1.CAB Maestro 4M pcb v-cut scoring mahcine 2.pcb cutting machine pcba cutter 3.depanelizing pcb separator doule-layer pcb cutter 4.samtech feeding pcba cutting machine 5.straight-line cutting machi

  •     High speed Small PCB CNC Milling Machine Curve PCB Separator programmable pcb cutting machine manufacturer 卓上ロボット/卓上分割機 Mini Rotary CNC Router milling cutter separator AS-3A curve

        1,Guillotine PCB cutter, PCBA separator,depanelizing pcb,pcb plate machine 2,PCBA separator depanelizing pcb With Linear pcb plate machine Guillotine PCB cutter Motorized Unlimited pcb cutter, pcba se

  • How to choose the PCB magazine loader and unloader to save your cost

  •     1,Led Aluminum depaneling,Pcb Depanelizer,V-cut machine,pcb cutting machine,1.2M led cutter. 2,1.2m Led Aluminum depaneling machine Manual Pcb Depanelizer V-cut machine pcb cutting machine

        Curve PCB Separator 卓上ロボット/卓上分割機 programmable PCB CNC Milling Machine PCB depaneling equipment pcba separator v-grooving machine PCB Separator programmable pcb cutter Manufacturer

  •     Automatic FPC/PCB Sub-plate mold punching Machine Pneumatic PCB Punch Separator / Depanelizer,High PCB Punch depanel machines degree of automation, simple and safe operation.

        PCB separator Include: PCB cutting machine, PCB V-cut machine, aluminum plate machine,Air driver PCBdepaneler, CAB maestro 4M pcb cutter, LED plate separator, online PCB separator, PCB punch separator,

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