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    1.Custom LED large Auto unloader machine HY-330/HY-390/HY-420 2.high Quality Magazine unloader,Pcb Magazine unloader 3.LED Magazine unLoader

    Product Details
    Product name: Custom-LED large Auto unloader machine/LED Magazine unLoader For Smt Line
    Aplication:LED panel,fiberboard,aluminum plate,aluminum substrate, copper substrate, FR4, glass fiber board   
    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: ASCEN
    Certification: CE 
    Model Number: HY-420
    Payment & Shipping Terms
    Packaging Details: wooden case
    Delivery Time: 3
    Payment Terms: T/T ,Paypal ,West Union ,L/C
    Supply Ability: 300 sets/ month
    Custom-LED large Auto unloader machine
    high Quality Magazine unloader,Pcb Magazine unloader,LED Magazine unLoader For Smt Line

    Product Features:
    1. Touch screen display, PLC control, menu operation interface, easy to operate;
    2. A wide range, you can use a standard rack, versatile, the max capacity 6 racks ;
    3. Rack can be set according to PCB lifting step height or thickness;
    4. Auto production and yield statistics query;
    5. With standard signal communication lines, easy to connect with each other and other SMT Equipment.

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    More SMT periphery machine click :

    The more operation video: 

    1)Dimension:L 4200* W 900* H 1200mm       160KG (HY-330)
                              L 4200* W1100* H 1200mm      190KG(HY-390)
                              L 4200* W1200* H 1200mm      230KG(HY-420)

    2)PCB Size Specification: 
    (L 50* W 50mm)-(1200*330mm)     (HY-330)
    (L 50* W 50mm)-(1200*390mm)     (HY-390)
    (L 50* W 50mm)-(1200*420mm)     (HY-420)      

    3)Magazine size:
          (custom special aluminium alloy material Magazine)
          L 1200* W 400* H565mm  (HY-330)
          L 1200* W 460* H565mm  (HY-390)
          L 1200* W 490* H565mm  (HY-420)

    4)Loading time:                        around 6S
    5)Magazine changing time:    around 30S
    6)Voltage and load:                 100-230V 50HZ 
    7)Air press and flow rate:       4-6 Bar,≦10L/min
    8)Controlled by Mitsubishi PLC grogrammable controller
    9)Conveyor height:            920±20mm (customize available)
    10)Transfer direction:      Left→Right or Right→Left
    11)PCB thickness :            ≧0.4mm
    12)Magazine:                       2 matarial box     
    13)Step:                              1-4 (10mm gap)

    Notice:one magazine can place 50 piece led board, aluminium alloy magazine can bear 50KG.

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