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    380VR 480VR PCB V-cut machine A V-grooving machine wearproof PCB manufature equipment with 2 cutter shaft and 5 plastic shaft



    1.The stainless steel body is solid and durable, easy to clean and maintain 2.The deep dial can adjust the distance between upper and lower cutter shaft, the cutting accuracy is ±0.03mm 3.The blade is made of tungsten steel, keen and wear

    Product Details
    Product name:PCB cutting machine/PCB V-cut machine/V-grooving machine
    Aplication:LED panel,fiberboard,aluminum plate,aluminum substrate, copper substrate, FR4, 
    glass fiber board   
    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: ASCEN
    Certification: CE 
    Model Number: 380VR
    Payment & Shipping Terms
    Packaging Details: wooden case
    Delivery Time: 3
    Payment Terms: T/T ,Paypal ,West Union ,L/C
    Supply Ability: 300 sets/ month
    High quality 380VR 480VR PCB V-cut machine A V-grooving machine wearproof PCB manufature equipment with 2 cutter shaft and 5 plastic shaft

    1.The stainless steel body is solid and durable, easy to clean and maintain
    2.The deep dial can adjust the distance between upper and lower cutter shaft, the cutting accuracy is ±0.03mm
    3.The blade is made of tungsten steel, keen and wearproof and durable
       Applications: fpc board, PCBA, PCB(aluminum board, cooper board), steel board, copper foil, aluminum foil, etc.  Leather, cloth, plastic, rubber, paper, hair felt, cotton, glass fiber, soft wood, other synthetic, etc. Use steel channel to weld the body, so the machine is more stable, accurate and with longer service life
       The fault rate is “zero”. The electric controller is up to international standard. It can eliminate failure quickly even without a wireman.
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    Model: 380-VR 480-VR
    Minimum cutting width 70mm 70mm
    Maximum cutting width 380mm 480mm
    Cutting thickness 0.6-2.0mm 0.8-3.2mm
    Speed 10m/min 8m/min
    Choose configuration:2 pairs of cutter shaft and 5 pairs of plastic shaft
                                               1 pairs of cutter shaft and 3 pairs of plastic shaft 
    Notice: You should allocate the amount of knives according to the amount of v-slot.  It    need a group of knives for a v-slot, and a group of knives includes an upper and a lower blade. A cutter shaft can hold 10 groups of knvies maximum to v-groove 10 slots.

    The more operation video: 

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